Some Photoshopping

Isn’t it funny how Photoshop has become a verb? Kind of like google! I guess that’s what you get with an awesome piece of software that will really help adjust photos. The below are not taken by me but rather adjusted. A friend had some wedding photos done and didn’t like them so she asked if I could edit. So here’s a few of my favorite transformations!

Before: After:

Before: After: (this one is really stunning in B&W)

Don’t they look sharp in this one?

Before: After: (I love the softness of this one! She really looks glowing)

I did some of the more standard B&W, Sepia stuff too, but on others I used more layering techniques to make the pictures more soft and muted. But here’s a taste! Thanks Gia!


again, these were not taken by me – only edited.


~ by karatography on July 21, 2008.

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  1. Gia is so beautiful!!!!!!!

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