Getting used to the Nikon.

So I went home and wandered around my house again to try and get a better feel for the Nikon. When I’ve used a DSLR, I’ve used a Canon, so switching to a Nikon is interesting. I played a lot with exposure this round to get a good feel on how to do it on a sunny, somewhat cloudy day. Here’s some random pictures using a Macro Wide Angle lens.

My poor red maple tree, I think I need to spray for bugs!

Let’s talk some exposure. The next two pictures are drastically different! I used different exposures and it totally changes the mood. In the first one, it looks as if it’s about to rain and there’s no sun and is underexposed.

This one is slightly overexposed but gives it such a happy feeling doesn’t it? There are many challenges to shooting in sunlight and I’m working on really getting comfortable with exposures.

Some perspective:

Here’s some ring shots. 🙂

My darling husband has a collection of rubber duckies, these were the ones I left in his hotel room the night before we got married. So cute. He’s a 6th grade teacher, he’s silly. I promise to have his ring for the next random ring shot areas….

Hope you enjoyed this!


~ by karatography on July 23, 2008.

One Response to “Getting used to the Nikon.”

  1. love the rubber duckies. Love your flowers and outsides pics, too.

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