8.15.08 Danielle and Benny

I had the pleasure to photograph Danielle and Benny’s big day!  After 9 years of courtship, they decided to take the plunge with a few close family members in tow.  They already have a beautiful family and beautiful spirits!  I couldn’t just pick a few photos, so I choose a lot and there was a party the next day that will require it’s own posting!  So from here, enjoy!

going to get married…

Searching for rings:

She didn’t want to get her dress dirty!

Cutest picture.  Ever.

I love this one.

One thing I learned this weekend: cell phones = happy kids!

We headed to a local restaurant for dinner!

The end.

Coming editions: The Party.

Until next time,



~ by karatography on August 20, 2008.

One Response to “8.15.08 Danielle and Benny”

  1. great job again…the last pic is sooo cool. Nice camera angles in all your pics…I wish you were here in So. Cal!!!

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