A Family Session

So what happens when you have 5 little ones?  Chaos.   It’s inevitable and I was prepared to wait as long as possible, but everyone else wasn’t, especially the little ones!!!  But we got some fun ones out of it and some ones that I hope the family will treasure as it’s the great-grandparents and their 5 great-grandchildren! (ok, so my original post said 6, but it’s monday, forgive me!)

Ok, so one was having issues during this one, but I tell you, bribe bribe bribe the kids 🙂

Then the 6th got in a good mood and joined the party!

this always happens with families called “no one look at the camera”

We squeezed in some holiday pictures:

I particularly like this one:

We got some of the great-grandparents too!

Hope you enjoyed!



~ by karatography on December 1, 2008.

One Response to “A Family Session”

  1. Actually just 5, but I bet it sure felt like 6 or 10 or even 12! I can’t wait to see the rest-these are gorgeous!!!!

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